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01-23-2006, 10:43 PM
Guys, I'm still looking for a palmeiro gamer.(not the set 3 ESM ones for over $1200.00).Any one have any thoughts on this one.Use is light.Tagging??????No idea.Help is appreciated.
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01-24-2006, 02:10 PM
Hi Carlos,

I'll chime in with my 2 cents and hopefully they'll provide a bit of insight.
1987-1992 Rangers jerseys are very hard to find. I've never seen
a 1989 Rangers home jersey for sale anywhere. I've only ever seen 3 1989 Rangers Road jerseys for sale. Two were from two different dealers and one was auctioned off awhile ago by Lelands (it was a 1989 Sammy Sosa).
Of the two offered by the dealers, I purchased one. I wasn't comfortable with the other one I saw due to the tagging (or lack thereof).
Texas Rangers tagging from about 1987-1992 typically had either the uniform number or the uniform number and set sewn onto a small, cloth strip tag. (In 1993 they switched to those 'plastic' numbers on a cloth tag.In 1994, it was computer-printed text on a paper tag.)
The difficulty for me with these Rangers jerseys was in pinpointing the
exact style of tagging used in each year. Variations I've seen from year to year include tagging with 1) just the uniform number 2) uniform and set number 3) uniform, set, and year. Nailing down which variation was used in which year has been difficult for me.
At any rate, the 1989 Rangers road jersey I purchased has tagging identical to the Leland's 1989 Rangers Sosa. The tagging consists of a Rawlings manufacturer tag which dates to 1989, a standard Rawlings flag tag reading "1989, Set 1" and then a small cloth strip with only the uniform number sewn on it. No year and no set. From the scant research I've been able to do, I think that the "uniform and set" variation occured in 1991. Take this with a grain of salt though as I've only ever seen about 2 or 3 1991 Rangers jerseys.
Aside from all of that, there's nothing about the Ebay jersey that seems to be glaringly wrong to me. The 'style' of tagging is correct (sewn on a small, white cloth square), the font used on the strip tag is correct, the name and number fonts seem correct. That style of Rawlings tag was last used in 1989.
I personally will not be bidding on that jersey simply because the lack of a Rawlings flag tag and the specific variation of strip tag doesn't make me feel 100% comfortable. If it had a Rawlings flag tag and if the strip tagging showed just the uniform number (as opposed to the uniform and the year), I'd feel more comfortable.